Project Description


Slow Food puts the defense of biodiversity at the heart of its strategies.


Biodiversity refers to a simple concept, relevant to everyone on the planet, because it is nature, it is life itself and it is the diversity of life, on many levels, from the smallest (genes, the building blocks of life) to plant and animal species, up to the most complex levels (ecosystems). All these levels intersect, influence each other and evolve.


Following recent studies, earth is undergoing its sixth mass extinction (during the fifth, 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs disappeared) at a very quick pace. This time, however, the cause is different because, for the first time, humankind is responsible. Humans continue to destroy rainforests, cement over the land, pollute the water and soil with chemical pesticides and fertilizers and accumulate plastic in the oceans. And they insist on marginalizing the earth’s last custodians: those small-scale farmers, herders and fishers that understand and respect the fragile equilibrium of nature.

Together with wild flora and fauna, many plants domesticated by man and animal breeds selected for their milk or meat will also disappear.


This is why Slow Food is putting in place projects to protect biodiversity around the world.


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Preserve Biodiversity, Preserve the Planet