Project Description

Ark of Taste

Slow Food has created the Ark of Taste, which collects plants, animals and food products at risk of extinction that belong to the culture, history and traditions of communities around the world.

This extraordinary heritage of fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads…helps to draw attention to their existence and to the risk of their extinction within a few generations. Everyone can take action to help protect them. In some cases this might be by buying and consuming them, in some by telling their story and supporting their producers, and in others, such as the case of endangered wild species, this might mean eating less or none of them in order to preserve them.


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Slow Food has started an initiative that directly involves the food producers: the Presidia.

Presidia are projects that take concrete action to safeguard a traditional food (an Ark product), a traditional technique (for fishing, farming, food processing, cultivation, etc.), a rural landscape or an ecosystem.

Today, more than 450 Presidia involve more than 13,000 producers.